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Finding your size


The main questions to ask yourself when you’re wondering what size hoop you should purchase is what level of experience do you have and what style of hooping would you like to practice.

Our “beginner hoops” are constructed using a heavier, PE (polyethylene) tubing that has a psi of 160. The bigger and heavier the hoop is, the easier it is for beginners to learn "on body" tricks like waist and chest hooping, as well as "off body" tricks.  If the hoop is too large, it can be difficult to practice many off body tricks and advanced tricks that require speed and bounce, such as palm spins or even some on body tricks like breaks.  

We offer two sizes of PE tubing, the 1" used in our Heavy Hoop and the 3/4" used in our Beginner Hoop.

Our “advanced/performance” hoops use polypro (polypropylene) tubing and are offered in 5/8”, 11/16” and 3/4”. Each size has a different feel.

  • 5/8” has a springier, bouncier feeling and is the most lightweight tubing we offer.
  • 11/16” feels a bit sturdier and firm than a 5/8” hoop. 
  • 3/4” tubing is the sturdiest tubing we have, with the least amount of resistance. It is ideal when transitioning from a beginner hoop to an advanced hoop.


Determining what size you would like the diameter of your hoop to be is equally as important as the tubing size.

Sizing Guide

· 24” and less are considered “mini” hoops: great for illusion and off body tricks as well as multi-hooping.

· 25”-29” are “small”: preferred mostly for off body tricks, used primarily by intermediate/advanced hoopers.

· 30-35” are medium sized hoops: the sweet spot for many intermediate hoopers.  A variety of on body and off body hooping tricks are possible  with this size.

· 36” -40” + are large hoops: ideal for beginners, fun for any hooper looking to slow down their flow. Great for waist and chest hooping.

Customized holographic rainbow hula hoops
Customized holographic rainbow hula hoops