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Sydney "Squidnee"

Sydney (Squidnee) is a seasoned performer originally from Binghamton, NY. She first picked up a hula hoop in 2013 and has never turned back. Sydney was a cheerleader all through school and community college, but stopped due to an injury. Sydney soon found the rehabilitating effects of hula hooping on her body and mind. Her passion for hula hooping grew every day and after seeing other performance artists online and the energy they emitted to crowds, her dreams of pursuing performance art grew. Sydney missed cheerleading in front of large crowds and hyping up the audience- she found that commonality in performing hoop dance. Sydney soon started performing hoop dance at her local raves and community events with small production/entertainment companies. She began expanding her skills and training in fire performing and gogo dancing. She also started exploring the modeling world.


In 2014, Sydney moved to the Rochester, NY area for college to study social work where she found a larger flow and rave community. In 2015, she teamed up with another hooper, Lisa Peacers, to create a gogo and hoop dance team. They hoped to foster more performance opportunities in the western New York area. Their group has been very close knit since its inception and has grown immensely. Since that time, Sydney has picked up other skills which include stilt walking and character acting. She has been actively training/honing her skills and performing, booking events for her team, futhering her career as a solo performance artist, and has even pursued an additional career in social work helping teens/young adults with developmental disabilities. Sydney is a passionate specialty performer, human services employee, and all around worker. She is very excited to join the Apogee Flow Toys family and grow with them in the next steps of both of their careers


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