Currently making Virgo hoops with our Zodiac Series, next up is Libra!


"Hey my name is Shayna! I'm from Massachusetts and I started my flow journey a few years ago. When I started hooping, I gave up on it after a few weeks because I felt like I just wouldn't be able to do it. Then one day I picked my hoop back up and from then on I have been practicing and expanding myself as a person. Hooping to me is more then just a fun hobby its my meditation, my key to happiness, opened my spirituality,and especially has helped me discover my flow and the beauty of getting lost in it. I use my hoop to help me fight my anxiety and gain more confidence, I have dreams to perform with my hoop one day but im working on that little by little. I cannot believe that a plastic circle has done so much more than words can explain for me."


Shayna's Info