Currently making Virgo hoops with our Zodiac Series, next up is Libra!

Hoop assembly tips

 Push down on the push button while inserting the connector into the hoop. Some hoops have a tighter connection than others. If it's too difficult to push the hoop together, you can loosen the tubing up with heat by heating that section of the hoop with a hair dryer or sticking one end in hot water (natural hoops only). 

CAREFUL! If using the hair dryer method on a taped hoop, be cautious not to overdo it and burn the tape. 

extreme temperature tips

 Extreme weather is the enemy of any hoop. Cold temperatures make polypro tubing brittle and more susceptible to cracking. On a hot day, your hoop is more likely to warp if left in your car. Be cautious when leaving your hoop in either conditions for an extended period of time as they can cause permanent damage. 

Hoop Care Tips

 A well loved hoop is bound to get dirty. You can clean it by wiping it down with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. These methods are safe for natural polypro and not recommended to use on taped polypro. For taped hoops, we suggest hooping on soft surfaces like carpet or grass to prevent scratches and scuffing. We now offer a clear protective tape upgrade option for all taped hoops that will keep the decorative tape clean and double the life of the tape!

Fixing a wonky hoop


When unpacking your hoop, any size over 23” will be coiled down slightly. After opening the packaging and letting your hoop sit flat on the ground and connected for a while (ideally 24 hours), it should shape out to be circular. If your hoop looks oval shape, off, or wonky, don’t freak out! That’s not at all uncommon and there are a few tricks you can try to fix that.

One method you can try is heat. Ideally, on a nice sunny day you can just lay your hoop flat on the ground in direct sunlight for a while. If its not possible to leave your hoop in the sun, you can apply heat with a hair dryer or heat gun (on a low setting) to soften up the tubing. Once its warm you can bend the hoop around and apply light pressure where needed to shape it out to be a perfect circle.

Another method we use to relax our hoops is a little less common. Open the hoop up at the connector so both ends are loose. Hold one end down with your foot and hold the other end up with your hand, stretching the tubing out straighter. Since the wonkiness is usually caused by the hoop being coiled too small during shipping, gently stretching the tubing out like this is the quickest method.

The last method we will suggest is probably the most fun. Just hoop with your new hoop to help bring it back to a perfect shape! On body waist and chest hooping, spinning the hoop around in the hands and other moves that just get some bend and use into the tubing is sometimes all that is needed.

If you have tried these methods and still are having issues with the shape of your hoop, contact us and well help you figure it out.