Currently making Virgo hoops with our Zodiac Series, next up is Libra!


Justine Wheeler is a performer based out of Connecticut. She has been  performing since she was 7 years old with acting, singing, and Irish  dance. She started her hoop journey April of 2014 and hasn't put her  hoop down since. In September of 2015, she began her performance career  with hooping; something she had dreamed of. She began performing with  Morlock Performers, obtained a residency at Sunset Ribs as well as Oasis  for Bassment Thursdays, and continues to find other gigs across New  England. She also began Gogo dancing February of 2017. Being on stage  has always beetn a passion for Justine, since that's where she's spent  most of her life. She aspires to keep growing as an artist and expanding  on her skills to bring an extraordinary performance to her audience. 


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